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FGP's Birthday!

This coming Monday I've been asked to perform in a piece called "I HEARD SEX NOISES" written by Ryann Weirr, Claire Rothrock and Andrew Framer about a crazy true story about a Gardening Club on Roosevelt Island. It'll be directed by Annie Tippe. I play a cop. It's weird. And silly. And so strange. But it really happened.

I can't say enough awesome things, though, about Fresh Ground Pepper, the company putting on the evening of short work the piece will be a part of. It was founded by some dear friends who attended NYU with me, and for the past 5 years they have produced an amazing, monthly, free show and provided places for a ton of artists to do really fun, exciting, and cutting edge work.

If you want to attend the show and ensuing amazeballs party, all the info can be found at FGP's website. See you there.

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