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It's been a while!

After over 3 years, I am updating this website! Through COVID and the birth of my first child, I have taken some time off from pursuing acting in a significant way, but I am happy to announce I will be part of the cast for the world premiere of The Christmas Tree Farm by Adam Szymkowicz at Mile Square Theater this holiday season. More news to come, but I will write a quick note about what I've been up to over the last 3 years below!

While I took a little step back from acting, I was able to keep a tap-dancing foot or two in performance world:

Theatre: I have kept up my relationship with One Year Lease theatre, participating in readings of Anne Carson's Antigone, Ellen McLaughlin's Mercury's Footpath and numerous workshops of a new work called Wake written by Brooke Shilling and Leon Ingulsrud. We also were able to take the script from Pieces of the Moon (which had been slotted to have its world premiere in 2020) and make an Audio experience out of it. Hopefully it has not seen its last life as a live theatre experience!

V/O: I was a featured voice actor on a few podcasts. Three of them were with Audio Up: an adaptation of Stephen King's short story Strawberry Spring featuring Garrett Hedlund and Milo Ventimiglia; Prom In Hell featuring Stormy Daniels; and James Ellroy's Hollywood Death Trip. I have also been numerous characters on The Land Whale Murders, which is currently in its second season from RoiGold productions.

Film: Not to bury the lead, but I acted in my first feature film last spring! The working title for the TV rom-com is A Conflict of (Love) Interest from production companies Full Out Creative and Reel One Entertainment. It was tons of fun to film on location in NYC. In addition to the feature I was also in a short film from Melina Maraki called The Reveal.

More than anything above I have spent a lot of quality time at home with family - my son is 16 months old and I have been lucky to be able to watch him learn and grow over the past year!

That about covers it. I will make more updates as I get more info about the upcoming production at Mile Square and if there is any news about the release of the film!

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