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The Christmas Tree Farm

“A yummy Christmas cookie of a holiday show. Fun and often adorable.”, Patrick Maley

“Smiles and laughs abound, as do moments that may bring you close to tears.”, Jim Testa

5 Times In One Night

"The pair impresses with their range: Atik asks her performers to construct distinct characters abruptly in each new scene, and this cast proves up to that task, comfortable enough in each character to lend it distinction while also evoking plenty of laughs when expected to do so.", Patrick Maley

"Kent and Roberts have a wonderful chemistry and bring a beaming enthusiasm.", Jim Testa

"Roberts and Kent are wholly committed to the script, awkward moments and all, and the sense of magnetism and playfulness between the two is palpable."

-Broadway World, Adam Cohen


"The entire cast is remarkably fine given the loony antics in this script.  They fully commit to these ridiculous characters with realistically drawn cartoons."

-Joe, Theater Reviews From My Seat

"Nathaniel Kent’s wacky bluster authentically evokes Alex Jones and he’s suitably weird as Goatse"  -Darryl Reilly, Theatre Scene

"An immensely talented ensemble-cast-of-8, every one of them dripping with charisma, whose sterling comedic timing and impeccable elocution of dense dialogue, was nothing shy of dazzling.... There were traces of profundity, of raw emotion, in every manic portrayal."

-Gregor Collins, Theater That Matters

"Real-life characters like Tomi Lahren (Jenna Rubaii) and Alex Jones (Nathaniel Kent), for instance, really need no lampooning to seem absurd, but Leonhard-Hooper and Nuxoll—with no-holds-barred performances by Rubaii and Kent— nonetheless manage to take their babbling to ludicrous new heights."

-Jordan G. Teicher, Exeunt


"Director Nicole Halmos pulls raw emotions from the cast."

"The comedic moments are hilarious and the dramatic ones extraordinary."

"Intense and impassioned."

-Tom Valentine, Mineral News Tribune

"I was mesmerized by the character study."

"I found [Kent]'s portrayal of Dr. Larry spot on. He was perfectly cast ... charismatic."

"It was as real as life."

-Trish Morgan, Cumberland Times-News


"Stoppard is a master of clever dialogue, and everything about this production... is equally clever: the casting, the staging, the sets, lighting, costuming, and of course the acting. As Fish, Kent is the play's gassy punching bag, and yet he retains a likable sweetness in the midst of his self-serving pompousness."

-Linda Lowen,

"A wonderfully doltish ham... A very strong cast gets everything right"

-James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

"A powerful, timely new play, with a successful execution by a stellar cast and crew. It is not to be missed.” 

-DC McQueen,

Triangle Arts and Entertainment

"Nathaniel Kent (Another White Man) finds humor and depth as an actor trying to relate through his grandfather’s Civil War experience."

-Roy C Dicks, The News And Observer


"Following a burly yet sensual gun-wielding dance number set to "If You Like Piña Colada," a scene stealing Nathaniel Kent, as the cocky-but-kind telesales co-worker and bear-lover Kugel, rediscovers the true meaning of the song."

-Artem Yatsunov, Theater Is Easy

"In a production in which the main characters are often overly self-absorbed, it is the humor and striking energy of secondary figures that stands out, whether that is superstar salesman Kugel (Nathaniel Kent)..."

- Natalie Sacks,

"Nathaniel Kent as Benji was the perfect blend of confident and sleazy."

-Michael Bradley Block, Theater in the Now

"The rest of the cast was dynamic, with Timothy Condon, Nathaniel Kent, and Laura Darrel being the stand-outs in a great ensemble."

-Nelson Diaz-Marcano, Manhattan with a Twist


Shakespeare & Company 2015 season

"Ms. Packer is surrounded—enfolded, really—by a cast so unanimous in theatrical instinct as to suggest a real-life family.”

-Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal

"Nathaniel Kent captures the doofiness of Joan’s brother who lacks the training and discipline of his sister.”

-Andrew Beck, The Springfield Examiner



"Equally good as Pierre, Joan’s brother, is Nathaniel Kent. He gets boyishness just right and as he grows into emotional maturity he gets that right also.”

-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Edge

“Deliciously suave, unctuous.”

Sherri Kronfeld, New York Theatre Review

Trevor stews in the memory of what he used to be, even as fellow chimp actor Oliver

(an on-the-beat Nathaniel Kent) continues to prosper.”

Doug Strassler, New York Press

"Hillier and Kent’s portrayals really made the script shine."

-Dana Ewachow, Mooney on Theatre, Toronto



"Kent’s joking everyman Graham makes a lovely slow turn. It’s a dark, hard journey to watch, and taking it with these two actors is a real treat."

-The Visitorium, Montreal



"The actors deliver it effortlessly. The performances are heated then tender. Heartfelt and authentic."

-Bloody Underrated, Montreal



"Nathaniel Kent and Lara Hillier bring the couple to life with intensity and intelligence."

Martin Denton, Indie Theatre Now



“Solidly performed... Hillier and Kent have no problem delivering this rather demanding dialogue; it rolls off their tongues so naturally that Goldberg's special language settles into a seemingly everyday speak..”

Weston Clay, Theatre Is Easy


*Audience Choice Award Winner* - FRIGID New York 2014



“Kent is very much alive as this character and while he doesn't have the funniest lines, he is highly entertaining. His commitment adds a lot to the play.”

Ben Charles, Theatre is Easy

“Without a steady cast aboard the vehicle, the thing would sail around in circles, so it's nice to so easily praise them, particularly Kent, who attacks the stereotypical accents of his three characters with exceptional gusto.”

Aaron Riccio, That Sounds Cool

Font of Knowledge

"Strong acting, clever writing and wonderful design."

Minnestoa Star Tribune





"The Writing is deft, the acting is spot-on and the staging is clever."

City Pages





"The dialogue is witty, the story silly and the cast terrific."

Pioneer Press

“Talented actors like Kent play it to the ever-lovin' hilt."

Aaron Riccio, That Sounds Cool



“Nathaniel Kent's character work is particularly impressive often turning on a dime from a mythical creature, to an embattled sea captain, Kent's truthful acting is a true stand out.”

Michael Roderick, One Producer in the City



“Or maybe your click will be the so-thick-you-can-(gladly)-eat-it-with-a-spoon accent Nathaniel Kent drizzles over every word uttered by his blustering Captain Kraken....  The delightful Nathaniel Kent, using a different spoon this time, but pouring on the Latin machismo as if his mythical life depended on it.”

Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

The Luck of the ibis

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