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TEN WAYS ON A GUN - Staged Reading


I am so happy to announce that I will be returning to one of the most exciting plays I've gotten to be a part of in the last year in a staged reading in a couple of weeks.

The play is the delightful and insane TEN WAYS ON A GUN by the ever so talented Dylan Lamb, directed by Brandi Varnell and produced by Squeaky Bicycle Productions. The play tells the story of a real event (not actually real) as told by a real physical/experimental dance/theatre ensemble (not a real physical/experimental dance/theatre ensemble) who gets the real (not real) story all wrong because of miscommunication, a deadline that couldn't have come sooner, and a bit of desperation. And also artistic idiocy.

It'll be on October 12 at 8pm at IRT Theatre in the West Village (154 Christopher Street, #3B). Hope to see you there!

P.S. There will most likely not be Pina Coladas served at the reading. So there's a hint about the play. Copious pina coladas... in the play...

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