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Sunsets Across North America

Well it's been a quiet summer for acting, but I've been making the most of my time off by traveling around North America! I've seen sunsets (and a sunrise or two) in 12 states and Mexico over the past few months, and couldn't be happier to have attended the numerous weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties and family reunions. What fun it's been to celebrate life and love with my nearest and dearest.

In addition to my travel, since my last post I've shot one episode of an upcoming webseries called Basic Witches, which hopefully will be out soon; and a pilot of a series that hopes to sell a full 6-episode series in which I would play a recurring character. And most recently I've had the extreme pleasure to record 12 episodes of a brand new musical podcast called The Fall of the House of Sunshine created by Jonathan A. Goldberg and Matt Roi Berger. Can't wait to share these projects once they're all released!

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