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Fall of the House of Sunshine, Available soon in your earholes!

The wait is over! Fall of the House of Sunshine, the musical serial podcast I acted in written by Matt Roi Berger and Jonathan A. Goldberg is now ready for listening on iTunes and SoundCloud! The preview is up now, and new episodes, starting with episode 1, will be released starting February 8 and once a week thereafter on Wednesdays! Visit the Sunshine website for more info, including artist bios, links and more!

I play the hard-nosed Detective Dankent, investigator extraordinaire with a dark and murky past placed in charge of getting to the bottom of who killed Brushee Sunshine, clown and host of the children' TV show The House of Sunshine. The search for the culprit leads Dankent and his band of unlikely cohorts through a discovery of a most evil conspiracy that could lead to the downfall of humanity itself!

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